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Path To War

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After 8 weeks of hard work, this is the result:

hi res:

I was responsible for:
– All crowd simulation using Massive Prime
– The crowd rendering using pixar Renderman
– The creation, lighting and rendering of the natural environments
– The general pipeline setup for getting assets flowing inbetween software
– The overal direction on the project

Software used:
Softimage XSI, Massive Prime, Autodesk Maya,
Pixar Renderman, Pixologic ZBrush, Apple Shake,
Adobe After Effects, e-on Vue, Adobe Photoshop.

People on the project and their roles:
Jo Plaete
– general direction, pipeline, crowds, environments, prman rendering
Nic Groot Bluemink
– modeling, rigging, animation
Lee Baskerville
– modeling, texturing, concept design
Pedram Eatebarzadeh
– modeling, texturing, animation, concept design
Alkis Karaolis
– modeling, xsi rendering, cloth, animation
Inci Vatansever
– animation
Lars van der Bijl
– visual effects, compositing
Christopher Hoare

– visual effects, compositing

Brian Gair(music composer), Jon Mann(sound designer), Angel Perez Grandi(foley artist)

I’ll be writing a more in depth post on this later but I have some other projects to tackle first.



Written by Jo Plaete

March 18, 2008 at 9:56 am

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  1. […] June 25, 2008 AS promised, In this post I will talk about how to use Massive Crowd Simulation software in a project pipeline based upon the experience I built up doing the Path To War group project where I had to solve several crowd shots. I will not go in depth into how massive works, agent brain building or explain every step I took in detail. Rather I will pick out some specific issues and techniques I came along using the tool. This document assumes you know what Massive is, what it does and its internal workflow. Watch the Film. […]

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