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Behavioural Particles

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Lately in my (fairly sparse) spare time I had some fun with particles. Merely playing around a bit with different kinds and in several 3d packages but I thought I’d share the following combo with you.

The simulation basically consists of a pretty simple flocking setup where some wandering masters are chased by a bunch of predator boids, all of them spawning a good amount of trailing particles which then get affected by a bunch of other forces. I kinda liked some of the patterns it formed, here are some stills:

It started out as a few tests and a bit of playing with a particle renderer I had heard good things about: Krakatoa, trying out its fast point rendering ability. And if it says fast, it is fast (!) rendering 7+ million particles with self-shadowing and 4 steps moblur at 720p resolution in just under 1 minute/frame on my 2.93 dualcore laptop. It can also do voxel rendering which gets (obviously) a bit slower but for sure the better choice for more dense/smoky effects. Krakatoa is currently only available as a plugin for 3dsmax but let that not hold you back (unless you’re a max user – win!) from giving it a go as there are some kindly written exporters available for packages like Softimage (thanks Steven Caron) and Maya. This simulation was done using Softimage ICE.

I uploaded it to vimeo, best viewed in HD but still losing a good amount of detail so if you want the real deal you can download it here (720p – 370MB).


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March 3, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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NCCA Symposium – Renderman Presentation

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For the people that attended my talk at the NCCA symposium and anyone that is interested, here is my presentation together with some scenes, shaders and scripts I’ve talked about. It concerns a global overview over renderman rendering.

Presentation pdf
Additional material


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May 20, 2008 at 12:28 pm